Here at Guoman, we pride ourselves on the quality of our breakfasts. We know that your morning meal can have a huge impact on the rest of your day, so we want to provide exactly what you want at the start of your day. To better understand what that is, we surveyed 1,015 people from across the UK about their breakfast habits, including their ideal fried breakfasts.

As a nation, we eat breakfast regularly. Just 6% of us say we never eat breakfast and almost 6 in 10 (57%) eat breakfast every day. Although the breakfast food we eat most often is cereal, with over one-third (35%) saying it’s what they have most days, the fried breakfast remains the UK’s favourite choice. One-third of people (32%) said the fried breakfast would be their preferred meal to start the day with. With 14% of the vote, cereal came in second.

Given that fried breakfasts are still the preferred start to the day for British people, we wanted to better understand what people wanted from the dish, what options are most popular and what should be served with the meal.

The Ideal Seven-Item Breakfast

We asked respondents to our survey to select items they most wanted to see in a fried breakfast. From their responses, we were able to build Britain’s ideal seven-item fried breakfast. The seven most popular options are:

Picking the Right Meats

When it comes to meat products, bacon and sausages were by far the most popular. Almost three-quarters of people (74%) said they wanted to see bacon in their fried breakfast, with sausages not far behind (73%).

Regionally, the UK was divided as to what the most important item in the fried breakfast was, with bacon and sausages battling it out across the nation:

Although they did not make the final seven, other meat products received varying degrees of support. Black pudding was said by just over one-third of people (34%) to be a key fried breakfast component. The bulk of support for this option came from the Northern regions of the UK. Over half of people in Scotland and Wales (54%) wanted to see black pudding in their fried breakfasts. Similarly, 50% of those in the North East and 43% of those in the North West also wanted to see it on their plates.

Square sausage, another regional classic this time from Scotland, also fared well in its homeland with 42% of Scots saying it should be included in a fried breakfast, compared to a UK average of 12%.

How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?

One element of the fried breakfast that provoked debate amongst our staff was the egg, and how it should be cooked as part of your breakfast. According to our survey, the top choice is the fried egg. With just short of two-thirds of people (65%) saying they think it is a vital part of the fried breakfast, it pulled well ahead of its rivals.

The second most popular option when it comes to eggs is scrambled, which earnt the support of one-third of people (33%). Last place was the healthier option, the poached egg, with just one in five (20%) saying this should appear on a fry up plate.

Choosing Your Carbs

Having carbohydrates in the morning can help you stock up on energy, especially before a long day exploring London. From toast to chips, a wide variety of carbs are now included in fried breakfasts. According to our survey toast is still the most popular option, with almost two-thirds of people (65%) of people saying this should be on a full fried breakfast.

In second place when it comes to carbs are hash browns. An indispensable part of the American breakfast, the hash brown made its way across the Atlantic Ocean in the 20th Century and now is expected as part of a fried breakfast by 55% of British people. Fried bread ranks just below this with 44% of people saying it’s a key part of a fry up.

The Scottish breakfast staple, potato scones, was only chosen as a key ingredient by 13% nationwide, but in Scotland itself, 62% of people thought they were an important part of the fried breakfast. Chips, which have been introduced to some fried breakfasts in recent years, remain relatively unpopular at breakfast, with just 10% saying they should be included as standard.

Getting Some of Your Five-a-Day

Although cooking methods may affect how much goodness you get from them, vegetables remain an important part of any fried breakfast. Three of the seven items on the ideal fried breakfast in our survey come from the fruit and vegetable section of the food pyramid:

  • 70% said baked beans should be in a fried breakfast
  • 63% wanted to see mushrooms in the dish
  • 58% said tomatoes were an important element

Although other vegetables don’t yet appear on the fried breakfast ranking, avocados could appear in the next few years, as their popularity with younger generations grows. 4% of 16 to 24-year-olds say that avocados are the breakfast food they consume most often, compared to 0.4% of over 55s. 5% of 16 to-34-year-olds also say that avocados are their favourite breakfast food, compared to 0.4% of over 55s.


To set your fried breakfast off perfectly, it’s important to have the right accompaniments. The traditional sauce to have alongside the dish is often said to be brown sauce, but our survey shows that this is being passed over in favour of tomato ketchup. Nearly 4 in 10 people (39%) said ketchup would be their go-to condiment when enjoying a fried breakfast, while just over one-quarter (26%) said they preferred brown sauce.

Preference for ketchup is more notable amongst younger generations, with 58% of 16 to-24-year-olds saying it was their favourite, compared to 24% of over 55s.

Beverages also play an important part in the fried breakfast experience. When asked what the best beverage option is, respondents to our survey selected tea, with over one-third (35%) saying Britain’s most popular hot drink was the best thing to wash down a fry up with.

In second place for breakfast, beverages is coffee, selected by 18% of respondents. Orange juice without pulp was the top option for fruit juices, with 61% saying they prefer “smooth” options to “with bits”.

If you want to try the ideal fried breakfast, book a stay at one of Guoman’s luxury London hotels. Our chefs will be on hand to create your perfect breakfast.