Let there be light…

London comes alive this winter in a sea of light as January welcomes the Lumiere light festival to the capital once again.

Merging lighting with art and London’s historical architecture, Lumiere London will showcase over 40 international artists. Stunning art installations will illuminate London’s iconic skyline, and wash the capital in a wonderful warm glow. The festival runs from 18 to 21 January 2018, and there’s so much to see and do.

Not sure where to begin? Here are just a few suggestions of where you can enjoy the festival:

Westminster & Victoria

Surrounded by iconic Victorian architecture, the quintessential London district which is home to magnificent tourist favourites, Buckingham Palace, Grosvenor Gardens and Westminster Abbey, is the perfect place to begin your Lumiere London journey.

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The Light of the Spirit

French digital artist, Patrice Warrener, brings to the festival his phenomenal installation series, The Light of the Spirit. Westminster Abbey glows in multi-colour brilliance as Warrener illuminates the iconic stained glass windows of the abbey.

Paying special attention to the amazing Gothic structure, Warrener produces what can only be described as a divine experience. One not to be missed.

West End

London’s tourist hotspot is the perfect place to see the installations, and experience this amazing spectacle.


Taking everyday objects and creating awe-inspiring illuminated cubed designs, French artist,

Stéphane Mason will be exhibiting his art at St James’s Market. Through amazing lighting techniques and image projection, visitors will also have the chance to view themselves within the cube-jar designs that lace the walls.

Love Motion

London’s Royal Academy of Arts comes alive (literally) through the creative work of artist, Rhys Coren. Using image projection to display paper figures kissing and hugging across Burlington House, this installation is guaranteed to warm your heart.

Kings Cross

The home of historic monument the British Library and iconic St Pancras play host to the festival of lights.


Granary Square becomes a virtual wave of lights as the Waterlicht installation creates a dreamlike landscape of movement and colour. Daan Roosegaardes piece is a historical look at our relationship with water. From ice-age to present day, it is a poignant narrative on the issues surrounding global warming and rising sea levels.

Southbank and Waterloo

The creative district is the ideal setting for the festival’s artistic expression and experimentation.


Artist and composer, Ulf Langheinrich dresses the National Theatre and the Southbank in wondrous light in his OSC-L exhibition. Projected against the angular and brutalist design of the theatre’s famous institutional design, Langheinrich illuminates the skyline with his famous digital pieces.


The leafy and luxurious district is a wonderful backdrop to the festival’s splendour.


South Molton street is turned into an illuminated playground as Lateral Office & CS Design bring Impulse to this boutique shopping area. Playing with the ideas of infrastructural and architectural creativity, this installation encourages us all to play in the street!

Not just for kids, allow yourself to freely enjoy this magnificent jaunt back to childhood, and get playing.

Bough 3

Playing with fear and imagination, lighting expert, designer and artist Simon Corden brings together his vivid illuminations and production techniques to create an eery experience. Using multi-coloured lights to replicate the creepy-crawly trait of Ivy, Corden vows to turn South Audley Street into a glorious nightmare.

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